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I guys I am new here and looking for a good RAA school. i am GA trained. And i am looking at moveing over. i live in melbourne and like the look of the Tecam aircraft.


And i dont mind traveling because i will do most of my trainning in block hours.


Thanks in advance for your help.



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There are several Tecnams available for training in Victoria, but if you would like to travel a short distance further Temora is worth a look. The Temora aero club has a new Tecnam low wing Sierra, great club atmosphere, a world class all flying aviation museum next door and various on or off field accomodation packages, not mention great weather and traffic free flying conditions. PM if you want any further info.







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Hay guys


Wallan sounds like a good idea. People where speaking very highly of the IPs. i willl have a chat with them.


Temora sound good to. It would be good for a long weekend away or two.


Regards Shafs



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