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Fuel query


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In light of the HKS alert, the manufacturer is recommending the use of purely synthetic oils in their engine and the running of Avgas or 100LL.


HKS and indeed Rotax say their maximum level of Ethanol content that can be used in their engines is 5%. Considering that Australia will be heading for 10% ethanol foreseeably, it will pose the question of whether to remain with Mogas or switch to Avgas.


The question therefore, for those chemists out there is, what affect does 100LL have on full synthetic oils?


I am wondering if the band aid fix that HKS are suggesting in their service bulletin will actually work, or whether it will exacerbate the problem with the valve guide, forcing the eventual replacement anyway?





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avgas & synthetic oils.


I do not run the synthetics in the lycoming, but synthetics are available ( and used) by operators of non-mogas certified engines widely at the moment. These are certified AERO oils, so if there is a problem with them I would be surprised. They are not recommended for use during the bed-in period after overhaul, or from new initially. Nev...



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