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Turning Base


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On short final!!!!......Made it Hi all, great to be here. Still a student(mature age)with 7hrs solo, about to do BAK test then hopefully certificate. Flying Jab 160 out of Cambridge(Hobart)with Aero Club of Southern Tasmania. Also had a go at Skyfox Gazelle, loving all of it, for me it beats Bowls.





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Welcome Henry




You'll find lots of us Old Pharts ..... sorry Mature Aged ..... associates here with similar interests and enthusiasm.




Regards Geoff on the North Island




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Thanks for the welcome Geoff. And Ben you're sure not wrong there.


I am also an avid flight sim flyer, and really enjoy that as well.


New plane comming to Cambridge, Sports Cruiser. Has anyone heard of it?


cheers Henry



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