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Anyone landed at NOOSA


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Guest sceadu52jr

It's been 15 years since I last attended a flyin at Noosa. The 29 approach is over the lake, all the other sides of the strip are/were surrounded by forest.





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Guest becky1

Hi Mozartmerv,


I fly into Noosa on a regular basis, it can be a bit tricky' the preferred runway is 11 with a right hand circuit,29 of course is left hand due to noise abatement.


The approach on to 11 is over quite tall trees,but that should not cause you a problem,I suggest you maintain your normal approach speed with power to you have flown past the trees then reduce power nose down and maintain airspeed with your attitude,that way you can land closer to the start of the runway rather than half way down its length.


If I can be of further help please send me a message.





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I have driven in there with a mate who keeps bees there. If I remember right there is a landing fee but I can't remember the cost. It is a fair hike out to the gate at the end of the road, so organising a pick up may be necessary.



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I flew in last Sunday (13 April 2008) in a Jabiru J170. All the details on the web-site (see vme's post) appear correct still. Landing fee is usually $20 into an honesty box. If you get a few planes in, as we did, a cheaper rate can be negotiated. There's a 5 minute walk to the gate to meet a taxi if the gate's locked. There's a ten minute taxi ride into Hastings Street. ERSA has little detail. More information can be found in the Queensland Country Airstrip Guide. The Guide shows the strip (11/29) length as 850m. For some reason it doesn't mention that 11 is R/H and 29 is L/H circuit, but this is noted on the web-site.



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