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Plans built composite aircraft

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Hi All,


Thought I would post a few pics of a my project that I have taken over.


This aircraft is called a Vision, it is designed by Steve Ramm of


American Affordable Aircraft. It is a mouldless 2 place fibre glass


foam sandwich design. The fibre glass surfaces can be made using a


framing teqnique or by vacumm bagging flat panels and just bending them


into shape like constructing a card board box (foldaplane method). I


will use both but the inverted fuse in the picture is produced by


bulding a frame and bending foam into place then glassing outside.




Then next pic is the post cure oven I built to stiffen and bring the resin to its full strength. 70 degs celcius for 4 hours.




This is a picture of the fusalage flipped and being prepared for glassing of inside fusalage.




3000 to 5000 hours later it should look like this. To be continued!!!





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Hi, What a great project! Did you buy the plans from the U.S.? Looking at the fuselage photo, what did you build the frame (that the foam is bent over) out of? What kind of foam? I am looking for a new project to start after I sell my (plans-built) Zodiac 601. Cheers for now.



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