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Wombat Squadron

Guest Decca

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Guest Decca

Here’s a story I know you’ll all enjoy as it’s fact (but funny).


In the good old days when Ansett Airlines was an icon, there were mini-icons within it. One of these was the Air Freight Department. The pilots wore bomber jackets to protect themselves from winter chills, and of course they usually flew at night while all the customers slept.


They would fly anything - a Boeing 727, or Lockheed L188 Electra, Fokker Friendship, whatever, as long as it had the “squadron†mascot painted on the nose, one each side.


Their mascot was a Wombat, hence the name “Wombat Squadronâ€Â, the hardiest race of people you could ever meet.


The definition of a wombat? A nocturnal animal which eats roots, shoots & leaves.





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Alan, you may have missed the point. ;)


Derek wrote:


Eats roots, shoots & leaves.


But as shaula pointed out, that's completely different from:


Eats, roots, shoots & leaves.


The former is something a wombat might do, while the latter is more likely a good night out for a Hell's Angel.



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Guest Decca

I'm just a mechanic and like with most other things I didn't think it mattered where the commas go. Or was it lateral thinking I was going to say????????





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