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Relevance of simming on 'real world' ops


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Namaste Aviphiles,


I have been simming now for a while as I cant yet afford to fly 068_angry.gif.cc43c1d4bb0cee77bfbafb87fd434239.gif and was curious to know your opinions on whether the sims are any good as a substitute.


I enjoy the 'experience' of the sim while I cant fly, and it keeps the passion going but am I kidding myself thinking that it will actually help when I get to the real thing? Procedures etc?


I use MS FSX and FS9. They seem pretty realistic! What are your thoughts?


Please dont shoot me down if this is a dumb question...I'm a noob!:hittinghead:





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Guest Flyer40

That's a reasonable question Brothach. Shootemup games wont help too much but if you've been practicing circuits and navex's using MSFS then yeah I think it will help you prepare for the real thing.


At worst you could pick up some bad habits that you may need to un-learn when you start flying, but I think the converse is more likely in that you'll probably be able to more quickly meet the competency standards during training which could reduce the number of training hours required and save you a lot of money.


If you have an MSFS aircraft with a good flight model it can be very accurate for practicing cross country work. I still use it when I'm planning a big trip to validate my flight plan and to familiarise myself with a location I haven't been to. It does make a difference when I later do it for real.


It's possible that MSFS wont help you in the area of aircraft handling though. Despite all the advances in graphics and systems modelling, flight dynamics are still about as poor as they were in FS4. In some ways a real aircraft is much easier to handle and in other ways harder. This is one area where I think the MS sim gets a lot of things back to front.


As an example, the RealAir Citabria is hailed as having one of the best flight models in the MSFS world. I learned to fly in Citabria's and while the RealAir version certainly feels more lifelike than most computer planes I don't think it handles anything like a real Citabria.


Anyway, if you can't afford to get your license just yet maybe you could consider saving up a grand or so and doing 5 hours of dual instruction?


Good luck with your simming and don't put the real flying off for too long.



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Hey Flyer40,


Thanx for the feedback. Yeah saving like mad but every time I get an amount in the bank something happens...car, relatives wedding interstate etc!! In the mean time I have bought the GFPT training pack from Air Services (the red box with BAK, radio, log etc) so I can get a headstart on the real thing. I have 4 kids so the cash doesnt flow too freely:sad:. Waiting for an inheritance to clear and I can start! I would rather be able to continue training rather than do some hours and stop because of no money! I imagine those hours would then be a waste as I would have to play catchup?


I understand the flight dynamics are all wrong...as you said, just to practice circuits etc. And the ocassional 747 into St. Maartens or LAX or wherever! :big_grin:







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You can brush up on the emergency procedures and also check lists on the version I use, FS2004. The instrument flying can be a basic starter, but the big problem with all sims is lack of feel.



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Guest Macnoz

'---the big problem with all sims is lack of feel"


yeah the problem with real aircraft often is the lack of fuel



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