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Hello to all, thought i had better introduce myself as i have been visiting this site daily for over 10 month's now and have totally enjoyed it and learnt so much, and then it hit me (like a saucepan over the head:hittinghead:) that i should be contributing as this is what the forums are all about.


A bit about myself, I live in Warrnambool, Vic and am a single parent(father), I have always been interested in aviation and thinking that i would never be able to afford it life moved on but the interests always remained, playing with and building R/C planes. Then one day on a regular trip to the newsagent i stumbled upon the "Recreational Aviation" Magazine reading it from front to back in one sitting the dreaming began and every month the same new mag front cover to back in one sitting.


Then on a motorbike trip in december 06 with friends to Gippsland we dropped into Latrobe Regional Airport to have a look as my mate is a helicopter nut, as we looked about the perimeter fence we came across Anthony Morrison from Pioneer Aviation after chatting for a bit and him showing us around in and through his new Jab he took us for a tour of the other hangers and got to see a large range of recreational aircraft and there pilots, well that was it the decision had been made, i had to find a way to get into rec aviation.


After getting home from that trip i began searching for places nearby that trained in rec aviation, checking price's etc.. i had just about decided on a school that was 45mins away when a mate forwarded on a email saying that the local flying school was getting a sportstar and beginning to train recreational pilots, so off to book-in for a Tif and now i'm 6.2 hours into my training loving every minute.036_faint.gif.544c913aae3989c0f13fd9d3b82e4e2c.gif



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Welcome to the world of Recreational Aviation.


I like you ,also thought I would never be able to afford to learn to fly, then one day I met a guy who was building an Ultralight aircraft,there were no others in our area,which is the Cairns QLD area, at that time and they were just starting to appear around the country so I decided this was the way to go and built my own ultralight aircraft then had to teach myself to fly it as twin seat instruction and twin seat aircraft were not legal at that time even though they were around and instructors were very few and far between.


I have been flying fo 22 years now and have flown many types over the years but I still choose to own and fly a 95-25 Maxair Drifter,just for the sheer joy of it.


The story of my flying history is quite long so I`ll just leave it at that for now.


Take care they do bite.





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Welcome Zone Magic.


RAAus is the easiest way to get into flying without spending a fortune. I used to fly GA but it has become so expensive that I gave it away and got into ultralights. In fact I fly what used to be a GA registerable plane and the only downside is not being able to go into controlled airspace, do aerobatics or IFR, and I can live with all that for the sheer joy of being able to fly when I want.



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