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Sierra demonstration video download

Guest disperse

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Guest disperse

Garry Morgan gave me a copy of the demo video he has made for the Sierra.


I've put it up on the internet for downloading




But this is a LARGE file (approx 480mb ) so it's not suitable for dial up.


but I am trying to do a highly compressed file so dial up customers can download it as well


any probs with the download. pls send a me a pm



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Guest disperse
i can only download 1.9mb of it... oh, just looked at the time of the post, maybe you havent uploaded all of it yet... ps, nice fast server you have thee, was getting 600k/sec spped for that 1.9 mb

just checked it and had no problems .. had the laptop getting 500+ kb/s and the pc was pulling 900+kb/s at the sametime


but I've managed to increase the audio a bit so I will be uploading the new one overnight


can ony upload at 30kb/s 068_angry.gif.cc43c1d4bb0cee77bfbafb87fd434239.gif mumble mumble ..... HOURS.


Give it another shot in the morning ...... also make sure to save the file.


Regards The link again is www.disperse.com.au/aeroworks



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