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Visual Flight Rules Guide V2/2007 - Editing

Guest Ginger

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Guest Ginger

I really like the new guide but I am having trouble with a few items, I think they are editorial errors or is it just litle old me?


Pages 103 & 104 - Carby icing probability chart


Top of page 104 titled "Ëxample Shown on the chart"


Wet bulb: 14C


Dry bulb: 18C


Not actually shown on the chart, the example on the chart is 12C / Dew point 2


Page 115


I think it should be titled END of DAYLIGHT (AIP GEN 2.7)







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Do you have the downloadable PDF or a hard copy?


The page numbers you are quoting are not machining up with the downloaded copy I have and the errors aren't there either..:raise_eyebrow:


Disregard, downloaded the new version....Looks like the proof reader was having the day off.



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Guest Dick Gower

No, they are errors Ginger.


Wet and dry bulb temperatures are not readibly obtainable these days and the AWS's give the dry bulb and dew point and this is what the chart is based on. I will get this corrected on teh on-line version.


Page 115 has now been corrected on the on-line version on the CASA website.


Also watch the daylight and darkness graphs: any colour registration error shifts the curves on the grid and gives inaccurate answers.



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