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  1. Hmmm.... maybe you sensed I might pay a visit after a fairly lengthy hiatus.
  2. Ian has final say of course but I really can't see what you are doing as being of harm. Cheers!
  3. If you don't post links to a rich quick websites like Mick the muppet kept doing you'll be 'right.
  4. Only a lefty and a righty.....?! So sorry to hear about your loss.....
  5. Pssst...:whisper:Something weird happened to your post between getting the email notification thingamebob and now.
  6. ...as long as it doesn't affect the effect.
  7. Oscar has earned himself a little holiday Tubz. He'll be back in a week..... maybe
  8. Yeah, I got one too. Good idea IMHO as it has given me pause to have a think about it. Still not so sure I can be bothered with aviating anymore though.
  9. Sorry.... I'll crawl back under my bridge...
  10. Title altered It was something about wanting to meet you and jump your bones I think Dazza...
  11. Don't let the door hit you on the a$s on the way out. Actually, after reading the rest of your little dummy spit, it's a bit of a toss up whether you'll be getting a choice...
  12. Truth be told there isn't much moderating to do. This is probably one of the best forums out there for good netiquette.
  13. ... and guess where the batteries go!
  14. Are you suggesting dazza was born..?! (always thought he was... well, you know...)
  15. You think they're havin' a go about something Tubz...?!
  16. .. hadn't been gifted with the best of looks. "Got a face like a hat full of Rsoles" chimed Tub's new besty, Ricochette. "And he wouldn't know a grass root from a dry....."
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