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Texan LSA is HERE

Guest Monty

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Hi Everyone, great to see so much positive comments about the Texan.


Your suggestions and perceptions are being listened too and relayed back to the factory. Indeed each new plane is better than the last.


This is my first post so expect many more as we gear up for for the spring flying season.


I have great news re:LSA, the factory has advised me that they are now ready to take orders for Texan LSA aircraft. The LSA Texanhas a design weight of 640 kg.


A press release will be issued shortly to announce this big step!


Happy flying


Caz Monteleone





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Hi Caz,


I had a fly of Ian's Texan in Port Macquarie last week. Loved it! The nearest thing I've experienced to driving a Ferrari in the air.


Great handling - responsive yet stable, acceleration and speed. Wow!


I hated the manual trim and the hand-operated brakes. Calls out for electric trim (an option) and toe brakes (also an option, I believe). Those two items aside, a fantastic aircraft.


Now, if I can just find a buyer for my Drifter...





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