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Below are a couple of pics of the latest Pioneer 300's that have been delivered locally.


I flew their demo at Wings over Wagga last year and theyperform beautifully. Easy to fly, look great too, & go like the clappers.


Regards Geoff











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I went from Lethbridge to Tumut & return in a Pioneer 200. What a great aircraft.Good value for money when you see what you get for the $$$$ Thrasher



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Both Kit & Factory. The aircraft with the orange colouring and the fellow leaning on the wing is factory built and delivered recently.


Engines Rotax or Jabiru.


The 300 I flew at Wings Over Wagga had a 3300 Jabiru + retracts and cruised about 130 if I recall correctly.


On range I'm not sure but Logan McLean flew it over from NZ with 2 stops ... so it isn't too bad.


Re cost ... if nobody else answers, I'll find out the latest.


Hope this helps.



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Guest Fred Bear

Up late Captain?


It's only 30am here in Orlando and the weather is very nice as it is every day here, although it rains practically every day.


I'd say any aircraft that can fly from NZ to Aus has a great range! Especially if it was done without a hot-refuelling.



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G'day Clem


From what Logan told me about his trip across the Tasman, they werepretty cold-refuellings and the wind was blowing pretty hard at both Norfolk and Lord Howe.


From memory I think he averaged about 120 knots on the return to NZ with the westerlies on his tail.


Havn't Ultralights come a long way ... when it is "relatively" routine to cross the Tasman. I think 3 aircraft came over for the last Wing-Over-Wagga. I understand that one was direct NZ to Tassy.


Are you interested in flying (yourself) to Oshkosh next year?


Regards Geoff



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I went back to the local distributors to get the info you were after and to make sure that it was correct.


Mike Pendergast has advised the following in reply:


Performance:The 200 with CSU - 118knts cruise.The 300 with CSU - 130knts cruise,both when powered with Rotax as below


Engine:Factory build Rotax 912S -100hp.Kit buildchoice of Rotax or 6 cyl Jab


Range:300 Model-621 miles.200 Model -430 miles.


Cost:The 300 Model -$125,000 and up to $170,000. The 200 Model -$91,000and up to $120,000


Kit or Factory:Both models available in various forms of kit or full factory finish.


Hope this helps.





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Hi All


The Pioneer 300 is also available in plans known as the Champion 5 or Asso V (although there are some differances mainly the fibreglass fuse covering).


I am building an Asso V from plans obtained from Sylvia Littner.


Although ever so slowly!!!





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While I would be tempted to build one.. It HAS to be a factory job for mine...


Sorry, I have this thing about double and triple checking things... Im so bad, Iwater testthe tanks twice...


By the way, Is Mike bringing a 300 to the Aviation Unlimited at Shepp in March.. cos if he is, I would love a test drive.


Ben Ben Longden



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Hi Guys,


Have just taken a brand new factory built 300 out of the container, should have it flying later this week. This now gives me a 200 and a 300 as demo aircraft, also I have a new 200 with extras in stock and a another basic 200 arriving in early March.


Will have both the 200 and 300 demonstrators at Shep.





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Guest Howard Hughes

I have a few questions about the Pioneer 300.


Who is the Australian ditributor? Do they have a website? I have done a search and can't seem to find anything. I have found the cost of the fast build kit, anyone know what the cost of a factory built aircraft is?


It sure is a sweet looking machine.


Cheers, HH.;)



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