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Seeking advice on the Jabiru J200


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Hi Folks


I'm seeking advice on the J200.


I am interested in buying one that is part way built, however it is some distance from me, and before I decide whether I go and see it I just need to know what differences there are between J200s and the J230s. I have looked for pics and info on the web, without much sucess.


Is there someone out there that might have some info or manuals on the J200 in electronic form they might be able to email to me?


Or perhaps a few pics of their interiors, especially the dash and the controls layout?







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Guest brentc

I've got lots of pics I can send you if you're interested, just drop me your email address.


The J200 is the pre-decessor to the J230 and has 5 ft less wing, other than that there are some differences, such as flap and aileron size, rear door frame (modified because of the different flaps), different cowls in the later models and some fairing changes around the wing struts.


The J230 only really came about because of the LSA category.


The J200 stalls at 45 knots at 544 kilos. To fit into LSA category at 600 kg's, it had to stall at 45 knots at 600kg's, so the wing length was increased to achieve this.


The J200 has a slightly higher cruise speed than the J230 and will take longer to get off the ground and land slightly longer, but on the other hand it will handle nicely in the air, not suffer from adverse yaw will feel a little more nimble and possibly more stable in flight due to the lesser wing area.


If you had a choice for similar money the 230 would be the preferred choice and most of the newer 230's have the newer hydraulic engine and larger oil cooler and modified (faster) cowls, but don't discount the J200 if the price is right.



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Hey Puk




FYI. there is or was a 50 - 70% built 200 at Tocumwal that came on the market recently.




I saw the advert somewhere in the last week or 2. Try the RAA website members market or Jabiru's website aircraft for sale.




I agree with Brent's assessment of the differences, except to say that I find that the 230 wing just loves being cruised at 7,500 or so, and if you are into long distance stuff it is good & probably better. I reckon that you'd be happy with either once you get the latest tuning and airflow devices installed, & maybe moved the header tank to the rear. However one late improvement, IMHO, is the larger panel that is offered in the 230, but it would go into a partly built 200.




Hope this helps







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