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Savannah S jury strut install


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Would someone help me out by sending me pictures of the jury strut installed on the Savannah S.

The "manual' is not helping, 😂


I am more familiar with round tubes for the jury struts, the S has a formed aluminum strut SA202/203, SN451/452 bracket mounted on the wing bottom, and SN450 which is "wrapped around" the strut?

Uncertain about using rivet nuts and screws to secure as opposed to pins (better shear strength)





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Hi Bryan, I have no detailed pics.
The J struts mount as you describe:

The upper bracket is riveted to the underside of the wing as shown Ch2 Pages 34 & 35.
The lower bracket is wrapped round the wingstrut and riveted under the trailing edge of that. In my manual this is shown Ch 26 Pages 6 & 7.

You do have to work out just where on the wingstrut:
I fastened the upper bracket, the position of this is clear from the manual.
I then had to trim the Jstrut to fit between wing and strut: I trimmed the top, cutting it off at an angle to match the wing underside. As I recall I did this initial trimming with a hacksaw, as it required a lot of material to be removed.
With this done I lodged the J strut top at the wing fastening and used a square on the strut while moving the Jstrut bottom, to establish where it should fall (as the Jstrut needs to be perpendicular to the wing strut).
With that position marked, I was able to wrap, drill and rivet the lower bracket to the wing strut.
And with the two brackets in place, I was then able to make final adjustments to the trimming of the Jstrut, and drill it for fastening.

For fastening I just used the rivnuts, with star washers as per the manual. I assume the thinking is that it requires very little force to hold the strut from bowing while it is in a straight condition. And that explains the light fastenings used.

Other notes:
As mentioned, a lot of the upper Jstrut had to be removed to make it fit.
The bottom of the Jstrut is already cut to a curve, but this does not match the shape of the Wingstrut very well. You may want to remove a little of the front of the curve.
With both brackets in place and while lodging the Jstrut for final fitting/drilling, I found I was at risk of pushing the wingstrut out of straight. To reduce the risk of this I worked the Jstrut shape to be a looser fit on the brackets, and also ran a stringline up the length of the Wingstrut.
The bottom bracket is SS, so not at risk of corrosion. However, since my struts are painted white, I ran white heatshrink onto it to neaten the appearance.


I hope this helps. It is a fitting job, rather than just straight assembly. But not difficult. It's just the manual..................(

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Hey Bryan.  I was able to get some pics for you.  I hope they help.  Please ignore the paint runs in the third pic.  Don't paint outdoors in a cold November in Montana!  -steve





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