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Altronics headset


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Maybe someone can help me with a fix for my problem of using Altronics headset on my Icom handheld radio.


All I get on transmit is a squeel although when I use a Flightcom headset the radio transmits OK.


Any ideas for a fix so i can use my altronics heatset!!!!



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Guest aircraft1

The squeel is probably RF getting back in because the flightcoms have better shielding than the altronics. Unplug the mic line (only), leave the headset plugged in and try again. No squeel ?? and you have found the culprit.



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I have had, and still have, the same problem with an Altronics headset and an Icom IC-A40.


This has been covered extensively in a long series of posts a couple of months ago. A search should find it.


In my case using an external aerial well away from the hand held stopped the feedback. It is impossible to use if the antenna on the handheld is used.





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look to the sky


look at the thread, "silk purse from a sows ear"..you will find all the information you need , including where to throw the headset. I have been down that road and it was an uncomfortable place.....DC headsets only..Geoff



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Guest Perry



Paul and I have found that if using an airband VHF Handheld, avoid using it with a rubberduck antenna at all with any headset.


The RF generated at that frequency is unbearable and difficult to deal with.


Always use a remote antenna as far away as possible.







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Rf into headsets


Perry is correct with his statement regarding rubber duck antennas and RF, the main culprit being the Icom ICA6/24 series. I have covered the subject on other threads.


We do however manufacture a product which is used in Central Africa for Air Traffic ground controls using the the Ica6. This product performs well. By special request we could make available via Ians Clear prop online shop. But being very honest if you dont have available the test facilities or unless you have the older Icom Ica4, Ica 3/22 Icoms which work, its probably best to leave the project alone. For those who fly with a PPG we would be able to supply also via Ian a suitable product. I will dig up a drawing and post as retro fit kit with components easily available. The Ica 14 is also unfortunately not headset friendly either. But use an external antenna and the problems disappear !!


Cheers Paul



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