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Crash Comics • CASA's 'Close Call' Cartoons.

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The snappy little cartoons, below, from CASA are, I reckon, very effective in getting useful messages across.


They're far more bang for the buck than, say, the webinar series also to be found on the CASA Briefing website.


For example:    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OUpU9ikmeEc&t=411s


To me, even actual real-world seminars, more often than not, fall short of expectations.  In any case, the usual 'house-keeping', fumbling, waffling etc. is not, any longer, acceptable in any kind of screen format. If the information in those webinar presentations is worth telling it should be re-purposed for publication on-line, i.e, professionally 'produced'. It wouldn't take much. Most of the resources are already in place. They'd end up a tenth of the length and ten times more effective. Production values - and educational outcomes - can't just be left to chance. The internet won't take it anymore.


Still and all, there's lots of very good stuff on the CASA site:    https://www.youtube.com/@CASABriefing/videos


And these little cartoons are, IMHO, definitely on the right track.













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