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A question on the new proposed 750kg class


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Hi All


With the upcoming delivery of my new aircraft I am in a quandry on what to do. The aircraft is certified, tested etc etc at 600kg but in Aus it is 544kg or 600kg if registered LSA.


Now registering the aircraft LSA will incur extra costs of several $,000's and lock me into the LSA category unless I take it out and back to the standard 544kg. If 750kg comes in and I am told that if it does it may not be for a good 18 months but if it does would my aircraft automatically be able to be upgraded to 600kg.


The problem is, and like we know from experience with the LSA, we will not know the fine print for some time.


So do I take the risk and stay 544kg or spend the thousands and go LSA now???


Any thoughts?



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What do you want to do with your aircraft? Will it be used for training or only private operations?




Modifications to be approved by the factory.


Modified outside of the factory authority, the aircraft becomes experimental and cannot be used for training.


You can tow with the aircraft (once our towing syllabus and ops manual inclusions are approved by CASA of course)


Aircraft must be operated to the conditions of the Special Certificate of Airworthiness


Factory needs to approve the aircraft as being in a 'factory original' condition if wanting to move back to Special category from Experimental.


REG35 engineers cannot authroise modifications on LSA


CASA will have registration holder details on file - Avdata




Modifications to be authorised by a REG35


Operations as per current factory imports.


When weight does increase, aircraft available to fly at Max design weight or 750kg whichever is lower.


Downside is the 'when' the weight might increase...


Doesn't make it any easier, but personally, I would stay with 544kg if I were ordering a new aircraft.





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Hi Ian


544 kg is a very good weight...it also restricts our wives to limited luggage which is a bonus! It's ok my wife looked over my shoulder and said that i can leave my lap top at home next time!







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Ian I don't know the answer to your question however 544kg can be just a smidgen shy when you are a little on the robust side like me, and your passenger in the same condition.





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I recall visiting this issue before. My $0.02 worth is take note of Chris's advice. As you know, Gwen and I have been happily touring the CT at 544 AUW. It's no big deal keeping your baggage minimal and you only need fuel sufficient for stages long enoughfor bladder comfort.In our case EW is 305kg, 2 up adds 170kg (we really have to think about dieting), bags and bits & pieces are15kg. That leaves 54kg for fuel which at 17 lph burn (110kt cruise) givesaround 3.5 hrs flightwith 1 hour reserve. Ihave to admit (you should stopreading now techman smiley15.gif) on two of our outback legs I did load in more fuel for a couple of those Simpson Desert stages but only about 10kg with a peace of mind knowing the CT is factory certified to 600.


On a personal note, even if I was tempted to overload, I can't as I have a built-in "RA-Aus policeman". Gwen knows the legal limit and insists keeping within it, justas on the road I have no fear of radar cops while Gwen is on board. Even on the bike she peeks over my shoulder and digs me in the ribssmiley18.gif .


The CT guys in the US with their SLSAreg'd a/c are tossing this issue around too. It seems they all want to tweek this and that, change a thing or two, add something here and there butare restricted by the rules ... not that they all stick by them to the letter. It looks like some of them may deliberately forfeit the SLSA to go ELSA, although the weight thing is not an issue over there.


SS (you know who that is) reckons that when RA-Aus is authorised to 750kg all the CTs will be upgraded to 600 as they already have certification. I'm more inclined totake notice ofChris on this issue, after all he will have the final say. It looks as though he may be of that mind now. Did I read you right Chris?







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