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Vision 600 Factory - Preliminary Notice

Guest TOSGcentral

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Guest TOSGcentral

I have been commissioned to sell the currently dormant Vision 600 factory which will enable the aircraft to return to quantity production as Australia's very own fabric and tube mainstream trainer, sports aircraft and property workhorse.


The Vision 600 is a license built UK Thruster T600 in both nose and tailwheel configurations with an amphibious version currently flying and under development in UK. It is probably the most certified ultralight in the world, with optional two and four stroke engine versions, and backed by a 25 year Thruster pedigree of proven reliability and toughness.


The sale package will comprise as new jigs for the entire aircraft (which have been used to build only five examples so far), industrial quality bench power saws and drills as part of the main jigs, stock on hand, completed components (including 10 pods and cockpit enclosures), all GRP component moulds for the aircraft, and full licensed intellectual rights inclusive of several thousand technical drawings for the complete aircraft. No real estate is involved in the sale and the buyer may locate where desired (some low cost, totally secure prospects are available in SE Queensland and assistance can be provided in that area).


A fully illustrated sales prospectus will be available in a few weeks time. Meanwhile any initial expressions of interest are invited and I will put you on the list. Preference will be given to Australian buyers that will keep production within Australia.


On site inspections and detailed briefings will be available to buyers of serious intent.


The people involved in this sale are very busy and time wasting 'tyre kickers' are not welcome! You are going to need about $300k and a firm determination to be a driving part of what is already becoming a legend in Australian aviation development.


Contact me only at [email protected]







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What a bargain :thumb_up: - your own aircraft manufacturing business for around 300k. 011_clap.gif.c796ec930025ef6b94efb6b089d30b16.gif


Now for 10 investors that's only 30k each.........018_hug.gif.8f44196246785568c4ba31412287795a.gif







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Guest aircraft1

Buyers beware >>>


I remember the thread with the mobile flying school last month that turned to tears for the purchaser.


Is this going to GAURANTEE someone 110% that they can build these aircraft and sell as many as they want, surely there must be 'other' certification issues which must be complied with like an approved production facility, quananteen area etc, etc.


It sounds good but there must be a lot of other things which would efectively double the price and why is the project dormant ? Wouldnt the current owner be pumping them out if they could ?



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Guest TOSGcentral

Aye Aircraft1, thank you for your input. The ‘negatives’ and concerns for any sale should come out early such that they may be dealt with positively – which is what I intend to do right now!



Firstly, let me make it very clear that I am NOT a sales person – I am primarily a flying instructor with extensive experience in, and love of, recreational flying. I have been ‘nursing’ this Vision opportunity for several years now as I see it as the most effective answer to a most mismanaged push by our controllers into low end GA that will give the ‘traditional’ end of the movement access to low cost but now highly refined aircraft that you can still fix easily at home.



That ‘we have to evolve’ bit that has been promoted has caused manufacturers and suppliers to follow suit and we can only fly what we can get - $100k machines (yeah I know there are others but you know what I mean in ethical terms)?



Meantime we have what started this movement in terms of people who wanted simple flying in machines that reflect their own involvement in flying. There were three thousand of them and triple that with candidates that go through flying schools. It has resulted in dissatisfied undercurrents of ‘start a new movement’ – and I personally reject that, we have to make what we now have work equably.



The Vision helps do this and does so in trumps. Nose or tailwheel, open or enclosed, fix any of them at home, certified – use in schools, a lot more systems goodies in the pipeline, and it does it at 70 knots with 2 or 4 stroke motors. That is not bloody bad for a ‘traditional’ ultralight and this one is Aussie and built here – not imported!



Now to your queries:



  • There are NO guarantees on future market and sales to ANY business purchase – whether you are building and selling aircraft or making and flogging ice creams – it will ultimately come down to the expertise and motivation of the new owner, What I can say (as this is firmly in my hands) is that there will be no BS in this. I am currently writing a fully illustrated document (sales prospectus) that spells everything out very clearly. The sale of Vision Aircraft Pty Ltd will be totally open and accountable for.



  • Of course there are other certification issues! The Vision certification is totally sound as an aircraft – no problems there! Dear God they are building enough T600s in UK and you think our CASA is bad? Try UK CAA - they want a work schedule to replace a bloody rivet!



But the new owner will have to obtain manufacturing approval for premises and procedures. That is standard and is individual! It would not matter if you were buying the Boeing company and relocating it – you would still have to prove your competence and facilities as a manufacturer. I would have believed that would be understood?



  • The project is dormant basically because of timing and red tape. A great deal of time, effort and money (plus faith) went into establishing this business and 8 aircraft were produced in Australia and have been flying with no dramas!



The crunch came (after the initial expenditure) by RAAus/CASA invoking an obscure clause in CAO 101.55 plus grave uncertainty about the advent of Part 103 that was to/will supplant 101.55, that suggested to the owners that they would have to get more approval under 101.55 and then face possibly having to re-do it a few months down the track. The question was not simply the money it was the utter frustration of not being able to make responsible management planning and get a return while the dip sticks running the show stuffed the contract. That was seven years ago and 103 is still not here!



So the owners are intelligent people and went onto other business enterprises and Vision was left on the shelf. Those days have passed and the situation (for the Vision) has now been rationalised and the way ahead is clear. But for the owners they are too busy with new business so at last the Vision factory is being set free.



That answer your queries Aircraft1 ?









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