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Guest Rick

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This is more of a test than anything else.


I am currently training in a Trike under a HGFA CFI.


Found the forum on this site to be quite informative.


Why is the 'RA-Aus' site broken so much of the time?


Thanks Rick



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RA-Aus site, like most, is manned by a volunteer who has spent 30 hours a week for 9 years maintaining it out of the goodness of his heart. So he takes a while getting the info on and trying to keep it up to date. Bear with us. Glad to have you on this forum. Very friendly folks and there is always someone with the right info you need.


Cheers, CAZZA



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RA-Aus web site


Actually Ian provided the answer in another area.


Their 'RA-Aus' web address has changed BUT the old site still comes up in a 'Google' search but doesn't re-direct to the new site AND often doesn't work.


Old: http://www.auf.asn.au


New: http://www.raa.asn.au


Perhaps the old site could be made to do something clever rather than saying that the server could not be found.


Thanks Rick.



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