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Location for OAT probe ??


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G'day all,


I need to mount an OAT probe forthe Dynon system and am looking for guidance on where it is best located toprovide a real & representative temp reading.


Any serious suggestions would be appreciated (my wife has already provided her thoughts after seeing the Southparkabout Cartman's anal probe),particularly if anyone has installed one successfully in aJabiru.


Where does the factory put them in factory J160's?


Regards Geoff



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I dont think it really maters where it goes, as long as its in the


slipstream and not effected by engine exhaust or cabin exhaust if your


pressurised.. oh and not through a structural area..


almost all Airliners and millitary aircraft have it on the side of the


fuselage somewhere. all piper aircraft have it installed in the


windscreen along the top edge.



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Thanks for that.


I was thinking of putting it underneath out of the sun behind the transponder antenna however that would get hot air from the cowl and maybe some exhaust heat.


Anyone have any more ideas?



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Guest Fred Bear

Inside the wing root or iside the ventral fin are the standard places for Jabiru Dynon installations. Anywhere under the fuselage will be heat affected and give you some crazy TAS figures, like some "other" aircraft who shall remain nameless for the purposes of this discussion.



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