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Flight Sim X - World's Best Pre-Order Offer


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Flight Sim X - World's Best Pre-Order Offer


Advert only (not a testimonial)


Take Advantage Of The World's Best Flight Simulator X Pre-Order Offer




We're pleased to let you know that you can now preorder the upcoming Microsoft Flight Simulator X from PC Aviator and enjoy $105 of genuine added value FREE. We're giving away FREE Computer Pilot subscriptions, FREE UltimateDefrag software, future savings, and more! You are getting $175 value for just $69.95 with shipping from only $1.95.


Flight Simulator X is expected to begin shipping in early October.


The link for this offer is at: http://special.pcaviator.com/fsxpreorder.htm


Don't miss out on the world's (as we promised) best preorder deal for Flight Simulator X from the company who's been doing this "flight sim" business for 16 years. We appreciate your business over the years and with this release of Flight Simulator we're showing it by giving you back so much for your ongoing support. And we want to continue to maintain your loyalty.


NO hidden catches. NO fine print. NO needing to CLAIM your added bonuses. They're all automatically given to you at the time your order is fulfilled. Also important to note is that you are NOT charged until the day we ship your order.


This offer will end on the day of release so follow the link now for more information and to take advantage of it. This offer is for online orders only. The link for this offer is at: http://special.pcaviator.com/fsxpreorder.htm


Again just $69.95 (the price of FSX) gives you FSX and $174.95 of genuine value! Take advantage of this offer today and tell all your flight sim friends about it!




The PC Aviator Crew


PC Aviator - The Flight Simulation Company!





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