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Hello fellow trikers:wave:


Just wondering if any of you have had the oportunity to fly 582 trike with both


brolga 4blade and bolly 3 blade prop if so did you have a preferance or was there any differences at all?


regards gary.041_helmet.gif.78baac70954ea905d688a02676ee110c.gif



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I swapped out my Brolga for the Bolly prop some time ago when I picked up some stone damage.


The prop is better than the brolga IMHO however not enough that I would toss a working brolga away.


Why better? the blades are ground adjustable which means that you can set them optimally for the engine you have. As you would expect with a trike it made no difference to trim speed or max speed bar back in to the chest. What it did do was improve the rate of climb. I also felt it was a bit quieter, although I use active noise cancelling headsets so your mileage may vary.


I would suggest though that you will need to discuss wih the tech manager of RA Aus or HGFA as there is a certification issue.


I also seem to recall that the guy who made brolgas retired and Im not sure what happened to the business, though I seem to recall that if you search the fourums on brolga you'll find that answer (Im too lazy to do it for you!)





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Thanks andy


Thats the kind of feedback i was hoping to hear:thumb_up:


I did find out that the guy that makes cummins spinners has taken over the gear


from brolga in the last few weeks and will be repairing/remaking them his name is allan barton:rotary:



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Hi Gary,


If your trikes an Airborne Edge X, you should find that its certified for both Brolga 4 blade and 72 inch Bolly 3 blade since they were initially supplied with the former and are now supplied with the latter by Airborne.


BTW the 4 Blade Brolgas are ground adjustable IF you have the different pitch blocks.







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Gday glen


Yep i have an 03 model classic with a stone damaged brolga and am weighing up my optionsi_dunno. I spoke with the guys from bolly and they sed they supply 68 inch for the 582 classic but can supply 72 inch also as they do for one of the airborn models?


Regards Gary



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