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Just Landed

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Hi everyone.


Just joining the crew.


Should have done this years ago but started at the local Emerald (Queensland) Flying School 6 weeks ago with John Gordon and Murray Knight, flying Texans.


Went on my first solo this morning, thanks to Murray.


Haven't come down yet! :thumb_up:


Look forward to swapping stories.


My son has his PPL and together we have recently bought VH-TTP a Cessna 182P.


Texans are much sweeter and less scary. 006_laugh.gif.0f7b82c13a0ec29502c5fb56c616f069.gif



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Hi Ewen and welcome to the forum. No need to have GA vs RA arguments. I have a PPL and an RA certificate. I fly a J160 REgistered RA-Aus and my husband flies an


RV6, Vh registered, but he has just finished training on my J160, so both of us are both. I guess we could argue with ourselves, but basically we see our household as


enlightened and flexible with lots of options.





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I was just being a noob.087_sorry.gif.8f9ce404ad3aa941b2729edb25b7c714.gif


I say(type) these things and then realise theyr'e a bit dumb. To be honest I am doing the RA licence to get in the air and hope one day to do GA training. The problem is the lack of GA instructors. I had done 4 hours GA and our instructor got snaffled by a big Airline Training Company. Be that as it may I think the RA pathway is great too, just would like to fly the Cessna one day.


There are so many things I would like to ask the people in the forum about training and where the best place to get the best information is. I have all my sons books but so far they have been working better than a mogadon after a long day at work. :confused: Hope people dont mind dumb questions.



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