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2200 Oil Pressure


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Ken, some data from my installation, 2200 running Aeroshell 15W/50;


after 25 hrs no oil cooler adaptor, ELO sensor in std. position,


startup 50psi


2400 20psi 220degF


2600 20psi 230degF


2800 22psi 230degF


2900 22psi 240degF


at 50 hrs with oil cooler adapter and hose fitted


startup 50psi


2800 50psi 180degF


2800 47psi 200degF


2800 40psi 220degF


2800 35psi 230degF


with oil cooler


2900 42psi 220degF


at 200 hrs with new VDO sensor on lower port (oil gallery after cooler and filter)


startup 50psi


2850 38psi 160degF


2850 30psi 190degF


SB004-2 was carried out after the first tests and made no difference to pressure readings.


The factory sensor failed and replacement was installed in what I consider the more important position for the last readings. gauge was VDO 0-80psi throughout.





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Ken, 9 out of 10 times if you are getting an unstable or low pressure it is the sender. Try replacing that as a first option. I cannot remember the exact reading but mine certainly sets nicely in the middle of the green and doesn't move. I have on a number of occasions had issues however and the sender was the issue (2nd engine)



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This issue of oil pressure sender failure has been mentioned a couple of times here in various threads.




Mine is just how Jabiru fit it up, however it is interesting that in Dynon's instructions for their instruments they state that the sender should not be direct mounted to the engine, and should therefore be mounted remotely to get it away from engine vibrations.




If mine plays up on the 3300 I'll be putting a flexible pressure line between the engine and the sender to try to solve this issue as identified here by others.




Now 099_off_topic.gif.20188a5321221476a2fad1197804b380.gif.




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Thanks folks. I am seeing an average of 40-43psi during operations. Before I did much trouble shooting I was curious to see if I was even close to correct (as the max of 76psi is quite a bit higher than 40). Given the above responses I'm probably okay, yet the sender may be causing the flux. One step at a time ....



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