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Jabiru impact survivability

Guest warthog86

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Guest warthog86

I have been away for a while but when I last went to Tooradin, I saw the wreck of a J160 that had suffered a fairly major impact (with a steel container I believe)


I looked on this forum but have seen no reports of the accident.I am led to believe that the pilot hit really bed turbulence just at touchdown and tried to go around but veered off the runway at full power and hit the container.There was substantial damage to the aircraft, but I understand the most serious injury was a sore finger and destroyed pilot pride.


We all have had our "moments" but perhaps have been a little fortunate.


I just hope if it ever happens to me my aircraft can take the punishment that little jabby did.. I think a cessna might not have been so forgiving!!



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Not wrong!!!!!


I have seen photo's........ and that container is bent from an impact of a fair speed. The height at which it hit was at a guess wheels off by 2 feet, so it was flying and 40knots + at least.


Long way off the strip though......:confused:





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Guest Ken deVos

Surprisingly, the Jab is repairable. However, I doubt whether anybody will rush to bash out the big dints in the steel container.


INHO the pilot was very lucky to have hit the container at a shallow angle and not head on. Also, had the container not stopped the aircraft, it would likely have hit the trees or the hangar at a much greater height.



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In the case of the Jab flipping over at Echuca a while back, the big thing that struck me was how strong the passenger capsule is.


That Aircraft went over onto its back, and there was NO deformation to the cabin area. Even the doors unlatched normally.


This is a testament to the solid design and construction of the Jab.


10 out of 10 to Jabiru.






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The missing bits


I saw the aircraft a few minutes after the prang.


It looked like the left wing tip had clipped the leading edge of the container at a 45 degree angle and this had caused the rest of the aircraft to swing into the container at fairly square angle.


The wind was a fairly constant 7-8 knots but the usual rough ride during a north cross wind was present on 04. Skid marks were present across the taxi way and grass.


Both landing gear damaged.


Left wing broken from mount.


All plexi glass broken


Engine damaged and leaking oil.


Engine mount twisted and badly bent.


Prop was best discribed as mulch.


Deep cracks between wing roots and running down into the tail.


The doors still operated and cabin was intact.


The pilot and passenger had the shakes afterwards and a couple of scratches.


The pilot was extremly lucky as there are two bore pipes sticking out at about bum height, just in front of where it happened.


I still can't believe that 87 is not a write off.





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Guest brentc

All that broken and it will be back probably next month, possibly with some extra bits added - stay tuned for more on that one ;)



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..and come to think of it they did get my best side!!!!:big_grin::big_grin::big_grin:





Pete George tells me the Jab is back and in action - and was ferried back from the factory by the man who walked away from the prang in the first place.


I dips me lid. :thumb_up:





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