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Microlight crash yesterday at Seaham


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Just wanted to wish Brook and his family all the best for a speedy recovery after his microlight crash yesterday. He clipped a fence on take off and was very lucky that he and his passenger weren't more seriously hurt. He has suffered a broken shoulder and is in hospital at the moment. His passenger has suffered lacerations to her face and is stable.


Best wishes to you both.


Shame about the trike 051_crying.gif.fe5d15edcc60afab3cc76b2638e7acf3.gif but as we all know you can always replace it. The main thing is that you are both alive and well, so get better soon.:thumb_up:


Kev & Carole



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All our thoughts are with the Brooke family and hope both pilot and passenger make a very speedy recovery


Rescue crews rushed to a Glen Oak property yesterday afternoon after two people were seriously injured in an ultralight aircraft crash. The twin-seater ultralight was taking off at 2.45pm on the Storks Road property when it clipped a fence and plummeted back to earth.


Ambulance rescue officer from Rutherford Ken Morrison told the Mercury how he and colleague Wayne Rodway found a female trapped in the wreckage when they arrived at the scene.


The officers and other rescue workers raced to get the two injured people away from the ultralight which was leaking fuel.


After brief first aid treatment, and while colleagues used fire extinguishers on the wreckage, they carried the pair to a secluded spot.


"The female was trapped under the wreckage, but the male had somehow managed to get himself out by the time we arrived," Mr Morrison said.


"We had to get them away as quickly as possible because of the leaking fuel.


"She was still lying under the wreckage when we got there.


"We used all our first aid knowledge and fire extinguishers to work as fast as we could.”


The woman was treated for injuries to her face, hip and arm and also for back pain.


She was listed in a serious to critical condition.


The man had back pain and a possible fractured shoulder as well as possible spinal injuries.


Taking part in the rescue were ambulance rescue from Rutherford, ambulance officers from Rutherford and Nelson Bay, the Rural Fire Service, police and the Westpac Rescue Helicopter.


The Westpac Rescue Helicopter airlifted both the man and the woman to John Hunter Hospital yesterday afternoon.


Police established a crime scene at the sight and said that investigations would be ongoing and would involve Recreational Aviation Australia.


Seventeen-year-old Matt Stork was on a nearby property when he heard the crash.


"It sounded like a tree snapping in half," he told the Mercury.







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