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Jabiru for FSX


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LittlePete, (my 10 yr old grandson) is lookig for a Jabiru to fly in his FSX. :thumb_up: Apparently they are only available for FS2002 and FS2004. 051_crying.gif.fe5d15edcc60afab3cc76b2638e7acf3.gif


Is this correct?







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Hi Pete, you should be able to use most FS2002 and FS2004 aircraft with FSX. I can send you some simple instructions on how to use FS200X aircraft with FSX if you'd like.







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Hi Big Pete,


there is a programme called addit pro for flightsimulator that makes the job of adding aircraft and other things easy.


I have the Jab file that works, a CT that mostly works(cosmetic things) a Shapphire that sort of works and am working on my Volksplane now.


If you want the zip files please PM me with an email address and i will send them.





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"a Shapphire that sort of works "




I have a Sapphire that i down loaded several yrs ago that works fine [but is FS 2004] but it did take a few hrs to learn to fly as it is very sensitive in pitch and quite a slippery little aircraft to fly. Im soon to upgrade my computer and buy FSX and was wondering if i would be able to load the same Sapphire file into FSX, as this is my favourite a/c. The Sapphire file i have is by Mark Dickinson and i cant remember where i d/l it from but at the Sapphire web site there is a link but it does not seem to work.


Down loaded the Jab last night but did not think much of it but still need to try the updates for it . Thanks for the link for i had looked once before but unable to find.


cheers Trevor.



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Hi Trevor,


any chance of getting a copy of the sapphire? the one i have is not complete and crashes the computer.


The Jab is the basic one there is an update coming but the guy doing it went on holidays(maybe cused by working on this file;))


The CT is also needing some cosmetic work done, it can be flown.





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Guest Brett Campany

Another good one I've found is the CTSW.


Go to Premier Aircraft Design (you'll have to Google that one) and grab the CTSW from there.


I've been using this over the last couple of days and love it.


Also you can get a CT4 trainer (in Kiwi AF colours only) at RNZAF - Downloads


Load those and have fun with them!



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