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Lubrication - Control Rod End Bearings


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I have finally tracked down a suitable grease nozzle to service the control rod end bearings on the CT.


It is an Alemite product and I am attaching a photo with all the details. The nozzle pictured has a 1/8 BSP Female thread which fits most common grease guns. (I have a McNaught).


I got totally ripped off as I had to buy it from Toolmart as the Alemite wholesaler would not sell it directly to me.


It is a US$6.78 item however I got charged AUD$35.20 (incl. GST) which included $14.50 for freight (it had to come from 2 suburbs away to my local Toolmart shop!!)










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Guest ozzie



This is on my list of finds when i go to Airventure. could not find one here.


I have been using the little dispenser that came with my chainsaw to lube the chain sprocket on the bar. 19 of these bearing ends on the Lazair.


Thanks, i like to have the right tools





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