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Jabiru J160 Kit #43...3 years in the making


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Hi all.


Just a couple of photos to those who may or may not be aware of the J160 that was being built by my husband. This has taken a total of 3 years and it is at the moment getting the final touches to it. At the present time it is stationed at Ballarat Airfield until the hangar at Bacchus Marsh gets built.


Enjoy! and hopefully we will get to see alot of our fellow RAAus aviators around.


-Linda 19-5026









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Hi Captain!


At present, the plane is still being rigged up and still awaiting certification. It has only been at Ballarat since Saturday (12/07), and we are currently finishing off any little jobs like flaps etc and the inside trimming should be finished by tomorrow at this stage.


Unfortunately no, will won't be going anywhere for about a month or 2, Brian still has to have his 20+ hours yet 049_sad.gif.af5e5c0993af131d9c5bfe880fbbc2a0.gif


Although depending on how things go with the plane, he might try and sneak up to get some hours up...but without me 051_crying.gif.fe5d15edcc60afab3cc76b2638e7acf3.gif





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