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  1. Hi all. Does anyone know of a supplier of Matco Brakes for a Thruster here in Australia. Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks. Linda
  2. What a bunch of mindless idiots pprune keyboard warriors are. The pilot got it right. Jabiru bashing is sooooo yesterday. -Linda
  3. Good. And I hope they get an ass reaming over it. -Linda
  4. In a word? Sh**t. Cloud to the ground around that area, gusting winds and drizzle. We spent most of the day in freezing cold rainy Ballarat yesterday, and it wasn't until late arvo that the clouds started lifting. Non-flying event yesterday in our part of the world. -Linda
  5. I believe Cliff Banks is over there too. -Linda
  6. Hi Robert, Here are some pics of the mount that I use. It is mounted to the top of the engine where the crankshaft seal mounts, the accelerometer is central and the inductive pickup is to the side. Take your time and good luck it is very sensitive and reaching for perfection can be frustrating but once you get the hang of it you will get results quicker. I use stick on wheel weights on the spinner flange edge where the screws go in and as a guide I have found that 3 grams will give you about .1 ips correction. If after your first measurement you are getting near 1 ips take your prop off and ch
  7. I think this thread has run it's course. Thank you Bob for that info. :) -Linda
  8. Hey Bobby! Of course everything is good. Jab will have the last laugh my friend. Need to catch up with you and Sals. All well this way. The "S" is singing like a bird. Hope all good your way. Miss our chats. -Linda :)
  9. Hey Ross. How are you going with the jabby. Did you get to finish it off? Its been awhile since we last spoke. Hope this finds you well Brian Dunkley
  10. Bruce. You forgot to add that the 3 standard jabirus that made that trip with you, all did it without incident. Also it wasn't a standard barrel that was honed....
  11. Highwing. There are 2 L2 Jabiru maintainers in the area. One works out of bacchus marsh, but can come to you there if you so need and can assist with your queries. Linda.
  12. Dubbo now has a bomb tester as well, and Brian made it go off. -Linda
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