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Howdy All


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Hi all,


I have just started learning to fly a weight shift trike @ Caboolture, The RC Planes just weren't enough anymore:helmet:


Hope to see you guys around.



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Guest Marius Grobler

Welcome!!! and "Man, it's funny!!!"


Welcome mate.


Man, I gotta tell you, these messages at the bottom of the posts are rippers!


Growing old is mandatory, But growing up is 100% optional.:thumb_up:


He who dies with the most toys wins!!!


and, one of the all-time bests


"If you can't fix it with a hammer, you have an electrical problem." 041_helmet.gif.78baac70954ea905d688a02676ee110c.gif







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Thanks Marius


Cheers mate,


I try and live to the he who dies with the most toys wins one as much as I can much to the wifes dismay and the growing up one is oh so true.



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