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Thanks for inviting me in

Guest hangar rash

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Guest hangar rash

Good morning all


thanks for inviting me in


Hardly a newby at my age, started in GA in the 60,s then mortgage, kids. - stopped flying in the 80's 'cos it was too expensive.


I thought my flying days were behind me till my kids bought me a flight in a TigerMoth for my birthday 3 years ago.


A casual visit to Lethbridge Airpark ( what a great club) led me to getting my feet back in the air, Then a lesson in the economic advantages of owning your own aircraft from my wife caused us to buy our little jabiru.


No longer a penguin



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098_welcome.gif.81ff07d492568199326e4f64f78d7bc6.gif Hanger Rash,


Better than (Jock Rash).


Had a fly in the Jab,a few years ago, fast little aircraft.


I need to hold the nose down on final,in the Austflight Drifter, to maintain 50kt IAS and in the Jab we had to hold the nose up to maintain 60kt IAS.


Still love the drifter for fun though.







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G'day hangar rash. Welcome to another oldie. I also started in the 60's and lapsed for a few years. Finding ultralights allows us to fly far more often and maintain our abilities.



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