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CTsw at 13,000ft


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Guest Vigilant

Great photo Ian


Went through the Rockies at 0 AGL when I was 20, er 22 something years ago.051_crying.gif.fe5d15edcc60afab3cc76b2638e7acf3.gif


I had not looked at the CT before, are there many flying in Aus and do they come up on the second hand market? A very neat little aircraft with great performance figures. I found some nice pictures inmy searches last night, but I could not find any pricing information in $ au?


Tyre kicking is such a frustrating business, but one day. I think it was easier before I knew anything about RAA or flying as anything cheap that could fly looked good!



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Hi Stuart


The CTsw is taking off quickly now in Aust as they are getting a name as a high performance touring aircraft. I think there is about 15 now and about 2 come in every few months as they are hard to get due to them being the highest selling ultralight/LSA in Europe and now also in the States.


Price wise they are about line ball with the Tecnam but like it all depends on how you spec them up as they come with some great options. I sold mine a few months ago and have a new one coming in about Nov so if I ever get down to Tassie I will look you up and take you a ride. As for 2nd hand ones they are very far and few between as the only 2nd hand ones apart from my old one are the ex-demos from the distributors but for a new one there is a wait of between 9 to 12 months but I must say that "personaly" I believe it is worth waiting for something that you really want rather then get something a few months earlier that just isn't what you really wanted.


Hope this helps and note that these are just my personal opinions



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Guest Vigilant

Thanks Ian


Bothfor the invitation and the information. I think it is like anything, the more experience you getand information obtainedyou find out what suits you personally. Obviously the interest and waiting periods show it is a good product. I suppose eventually I would like to do some longer distance touring so comfort, being LSA registration capable and good range will be driving factors in what I look for.


I will keep an eye on the forums and I hope you post a few photos when the new bird arrives.


Kind regards





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