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lay-up protection for engine

Bruce Tuncks

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The manual gives a spec for a fluid to be sprayed into the cylinders when laying up for a month or more, and I know of a Jab which suffered from rust when this wasn't done.


I've had no success buying the stuff described, and have just used engine oil in the past.


I've since read that auto transmission fluid mixed with a little avgas is good stuff to use, and cheap too...


I'd appreciate some advice here.


cheers, Bruce Tuncks



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Storage fluid.


CASA have some data on engine lay-up procedure, on their site. From memory it is Shell ensis fluid. What I would do is ,Make sure the engine is shut down HOT. Do not start it and run it for a short period. IF the oil change period is nearly up, change the oil for fresh and go for a good flight. IF you can't get some special oil, you could do worse than use an Agri-multi-use oil to coat the inside of the cylinders, as these oils incorporate an additive that gives off a vapour that inhibits rusting. You are correct to consider it important to treat the engine as cylinder rusting is not uncommon and can cause engine failure. It would be a lot easier to get the oil all over the cylinder wall if there was a bottom plug, but you will have to form a hook-shaped extension to a syringe. You will have to remove the excess oil from the engine prior to starting it, as it may cause detonation. A moisture absorbing (hygroscopic) plug can be inserted in each cylinder, which changes colour when it's exhausted. Seal the exhaust outlet too if you can. Nev..



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