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Echuca 2008


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Hi All


I am after a couple of people who would like to take over the organising of the flyins :big_grin:


I would like to have a Recreational Flying Flyin at Echuca seeing the last one got rained out. There isn't that much to do:


1. Approach the club and see if they want to have one


2. Set a date


3. Organise with the club any catering


4. Organise any special guests etc


That is all. It can be just a low key affair with a simply flyin and a barby dinner put on by the club - that is very simple to organise. Or you could if you feel that you want to make it a special event and have a special presentation by a Roulette or some other special aviator as an example.


It is up to you how much time you want to put in and a simple event would only take a couple of hours of your time.


So how about it - stand up and say "I will help do it" - it will be great to get as many forum members together in one place, look at aircraft, tell tall stories etc.





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