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Rotax Maintenance Training


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Sebring Aviation in Florida conduct regular Rotax maintenance training courses each year and I am wondering if anything similar is available or planned for Australia?


I contacted Bert Floods quite a long time ago regarding this but nothing has ever eventuated.


Is anyone else out there interested in this type of course?





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Guest pelorus32



we've got a bucketload of Rotax users in this country. I wonder would the guys from the US like to come here and run a course(s)? I'd be happy to work with you on that and to promote it.







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Does anyone know if Bert Floods have run a course like this in the past? I would be prepared to fly to Melbourne in order to attend.......sure is closer than Florida.


Here is the schedule for Sebring.


Flight Design & Rotax Maintenance Training


The dates for this year’s Repair & MX class in Sebring, FL are as follows:


October 6-9: CTsw and CTLS Aircraft MX. Cost is US$600


October 10-11: Rotax engine Service. Cost is US$450


October 13-14: Rotax engine maintenance. Cost is US$450


October 15-17: FD Composite repair training. Cost is US$600


Frank from Germany, and Dean will be instructing. I will assist again where I need to with electrical systems.


This is coming up soon, and we have a max of 12 spaces. If anyone would like to attend, please let us know ASAP.


We also have discounted rates availiable with the hotel on the field.


Call 863-655-5100 for details, or to book a space, ask for Dean or John.



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The HGFA are currently running a series of courses (starting Monday 21 Oct) to certify inspectors, for the purpose of conducting Annual Inspections on trikes - both primary category and LSA.


There will follow at some time in the not too distant future, a series of maintenance courses, run in conjunction with BertFlood, to certify maintenance personnel around the country. The idea is to enable owners to be able to either carry out their own maintenance, or have access to somebody who is both competent and qualified. This will also apply to both primary category and LSA.


Hope this helps.


Fly Safely





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