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Hi Howard


Just out of interest, how many LightWings are out there?I don't want names and numbers, and we don't want to give the to AirServices either! I've been instructing in this one for over 14 years, it's a LW-1 updated to a GR-582 (sn#005!)This was it's second colour scheme (my design ) which caused much debate in the club.Most liked it, but the detractors ended up calling it the "Liquorice Alsort"







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Guest TOSGcentral

Great to see this section appear!


If I was not flying Thrusters then the Lightwing would be my next choice - a great aircraft!


One of my most cherished memories in a long flying career was several hours in one getting my Float/Amphibian endorsement - absolutely magnificent flying in a great machine!





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Lots of happy memories of flying Lightwings at Ballina over the years.


My first instructor on ultralights was a young Lee Ungerman, in a Lightwing at Ballina many years ago.


A couple of photos:







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Guest John Simpson
Some astute observers may note a resemblance between my avatar and my navigator... He has also moved over with me from Lightwings to Drifter.Gregg

I have a 582 Lightwing tail dragger. A beautiful aircraft and a pleasure to fly. If I knew how to insert a photo with this reply I would. Maybe next time. I fly out of Blackwater which is situated between Rockhampton and Emerald in Central Queensland.



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a mate and i dragged home an early lightwing with no engine dont know what model, intend fitting a 2200 jabiru motor and touring, it has big wheels so should suit bush strips, any suggestions?:help:think its a lw1



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