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Very quick trip, a vertical trip.


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Very quick trip, a vertical trip.


yep, i finally got the courage up to jump out of a perfectly servicable


aircraft for the sake of one hell of an adrenalin rush! total


take offs in a Twotter=2 total landing in a twotter=1 its not


often the number of landings number less than your take offs in a certain type of




ill let the pics do the talking now.




Pre flight checks




our departure point! yep, out there!




mind the step!


actually the first 5 seconds of 0 g are the most intense, once you reach


termianl velocity its all pretty much plain sailing, just a nice


view, and lots of wind! untill you look down and realise just how fast


the cloads are approaching!




smile for the camera!




in cruise at 100kts! VFR on top!




about to descend through the clouds, will be IFR for approx 1 second.




long finals.




short finals, gear down. note traffic behind us in the pattern, it was a busy day today.




Arrived safely at our destiantion total trip distance 14,000 ft, total time just over 1 minute.


note, dont stick you head out of the window at 100kts. a bit of moisture, and its bad hair day for a while!


If youtr thinking of jumping out of a plane, do it, its the greatest mix of fear and adrenalin i have ever experienced.























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Guest Fred Bear

Nice pics Rob. I ended up doing tandem 3 times. Never wanted to solo with a chute lol;) Something you never forget that's for sure. Total peace and quiet when that chute opens though.I would also recommend it to anyone.



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Love the pics. Brought back some memories for me. The guy you did the tandem with is the same guy that I did a tandem with in 1992. Ive still got the pics.


I used to do some flying for them in a cessna 182 and throw those crazy bastards out. hehe







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