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Jetman Makes It!!!!!


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Hi all,


Just watched Fusionman (aka Jetman) cross the english channel with his wing swept on his back. Unbelievable I think the flight time was approx 10mins and he even had enough fuel for a little show at the end.




Who would have though 100yrs ago people were crashing planes trying to do the same..


I WANT ONE LOL:thumb_up:


PS-Just heard actual flight time 9mins 32sec



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he launched from 8500 feet and then crossed the 34km channel. I suspect that a hang glider or a paraglider could have done the same without power assistance.


That being said full marks to him for having designed, built and proven the technology.



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Theres a long list of unusual aerial channel crossings !


Judy Leden did it in a hang-glider launched from a balloon nearly 20 years ago and I think there was at least 1 guy before her. Launch needs to be rather higher than Yves Rossy was though.


The crossing has even been done in a human powered aircraft - the Gossamer Albatross in the late '70s.







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