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Hot Air Balloons

Guest ozzie

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Has anyone piloted a hot air balloon? it looks like it can be fun. I must get around to trying this one day.


last Sunday morning i was having a nice little sleep in when i was woken by a roaring noise above the house. i reluctantly opened my eyes and looked thru the skylight over the bed and there was a big yellow balloon a couple of hundred feet over the house. so had to get up and take a photo. he was doing a 'go around' after missing the paddock next door to us. he climbed up into the westerly wind and headed off into the valley towards Luskintyre where it is a bit more open. bit of a rare event for us as they are usually a bit more south towards Cessnock. neat way to start our day we are usually woken by the sounds of two strokes either from trail bikes or trikes.







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