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Fuel at airports in FS 2004


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Hi All,


This is my first post in this forum (in fact the first post on the site).


I've probably missed something in the documentation but can anyone please tell me an easy way to find the refueling bowsers at airports in Flight Sim 2004. I know not all airports have fuel but in some of the larger airports around the world I seem to be taxiing around for hours trying to find fuel. Sometimes with no luck at all.


Also, when I'm planning a flight, I'm never sure if there will be fuel at the destination. Is there any way to tell if there is fuel at the destination without positioning yourself there before the actual flight.







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Hi Case, welcome to the forum!


As you have found not all airports in FS2004 have static bowsers, it's all up to the scenery designers on whether they have the accurate information at the time of developing the scenery so they can include them or not. Also, airports where refuelling is provided by truck don't normally have static bowsers displayed either. The only thing i can suggest is that if you know there is fuel available at the airport (by way of say real life ERSA etc) then use the menu items Aircraft -> Fuel and payload... then the button "Change fuel" - sorry if this isn't a great help to you!



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