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Sample syndicate rules or protocols

Guest UFO

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Hi there,


I'm a newby to flying, and now part of an aircraft syndicate which is just starting up. None of us have been in a syndicate before. We have incorporated, and now we could do with the wisdom of those who have gone before us, particularly:


- examples of how to monitor cash flow simply. anyone using a spreadsheet? or other software? anyone willing to email me a sample (with or without identifying data)


- examples of what you do to comply with the Incorporated Associations Act in terms of reporting on finances?


We recognise we are a just a handful of volunteers, and do not wish to burden person/s in their roles any more than is absolutely necessary. Keep the joy alive!


For aircraft bookings, for example, we're planning to use the google calendars.


- We have one set of sample "rules" and would be grateful for any others too. It helps us to crystallise our own thoughts.


Thanks very much





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Hi UFO - welcome!


Whilst others can assist you with help in running a syndicate, Recreational Flying can assist by setting up a private Calendar here for your syndicate. This will enable your syndicate members to have an on-line calendar to book the aircraft when they want to and see who is using it where and when - plus you have a record where ever you may be as long as you can access the internet.


Hope this helps and if so just PM me and I will set it up



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HI Ian and thank you for the calendar suggestion :-)


I'm going to be away for a few days but hope to follow up with you next week. We had started setting up google calendars. Is your setup much different? Do you see any value in changing over from Google? For us there is a "plus" with google in that there is automatic synchronisation with our personal calendars on Mac and PC.


Hopefully someone out there will be ready and willing with samples of cashflow monitoring/spreadsheets for syndicate. And advice re compliance with the reporting requirements for associations. We'll get there:-)


btw have to ask, what is PM? Post Mortem. Post Master. Pre Menstrual. Post Meridian. Post Me? yes, am new to the forums too !



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Hey guys, we have started using google spreadsheets to keep track of stock sent from several different locations. it works well and can be edited by those so authorised to do so. it would possibly be handy to keep track of hours flown by individuals and to keep track of expenses ect. it works very much able like exel but is able to be accessed over the internet.





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Guest Bendorn
btw have to ask, what is PM? Post Mortem. Post Master. Pre Menstrual. Post Meridian. Post Me? yes, am new to the forums too !

Private Message.... although all of your suggestions would also qualify, just not in the forums..:thumb_up:



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thanks very much for the tips on google spreadsheets. I'll look into that.


And thank you for the learning curve on PM's (which now i come to think of it include Prime Minister and Prime Meridian)


with all the NOTAMS, ERSA's and whathaveyous, what's another abbreviation to plead ignorance of :-)


best wishes



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thanks HEAPs skybum !


nice to hear from you :-)


hey, I had my first solo flight on Friday. Weather just about perfect. very exciting. more than enough adrenalin for one person ! the effort to concentrate on the third and final circuit was incredible. but worth it ! 3 out of 3 beautifully flared touchdowns. yess!


back to the admin - thank you to Ian Baker too, for showing us the ropes re the online calendars.







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