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Over the Oaks

Guest TConnor

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I was flying over the Oaks last Saturday in a PA28 at about 1630. I saw a lot of utra lights down there.


I'd like to pop out for a look and say g'day. What's the best way to get there by road?



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From Minchinbury take the M7 down to the M5 and take the Narellan Road


turnoff from the M5 and head for Camden, go through Narrellan and take


the Camden bypass to your left. You can't miss it, the bypass goes over


Narellen Road so you take the on ramp just before it.


Follow the bypass past the traffic lights which turn back into Camden


and take the next road on the right (about 200 metres past the lights)


Burragorang Road and follow that out through Mount Hunter and The Oaks,


the airfield is on the left on the way out of town. The access road


gate is on the western side of the strip.


There are a couple of groups out there, Daves' Flying School and Sydney Recreational FC.


There are a few Oaks people on this forum Pylon500 and I are with SRFC.



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You may also like to drop in by air . We have quite a few visitors from Bankstown and Camden who regularly drop in for a chat and a cuppa . I'm away till the end of October , Darren who also frequents The Oaks is out in Western NSW at the moment , but he will be back in a week or so . One thing for sure ...... that is , you will be most welcome no matter how you get there .





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i almost got banned from an old GA flying school for taking a Piper


Archer into The Oaks, i hired it from Bankstown, flew to The


Oaks, then has an hour lesson in the Jabiru, then flew the Archer back


to bankstown, unfortunatly the CFI at bankstown noticed a bit of


mud on the horizontal stab,:;)2:


and asked how it got there, i told him i went to the oaks,


he then grilled me on how the archer is not suitable for unsealed


runways and the Oaks was way to short to operate safely from!:;)4:


i said i had done my calculations and the runway at the oaks was more


than sufficient, he got mad at me challenging his authority i


guess, and suggested i reconsider before hiring an aircraft from them


again........ i guess that was the catalyst needed to


convince me the RAA was the way to go... not that i take great


delight in taking an RAA registred aircraft and park it in front of


that old flying school and when i return from the hamburger shop or


pilot shop, there are always students from his school looking over or


enquring about the aircraft, (its a Jabiru)


come to think of it, landing the Archer at The Oaks was the


smoothest landing i had ever done... think i used about 1/2 of


the strip length in a fully fueled archer, and about the same taking







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Howdy' date=' Do they have a tail dragger on line ? Need to get that endorsement. Cheers[/quote']


Hi Thruster


Sydney Recreationl FC, have 2 Lightwings, both tail draggers. Thanks to


Mr Telecommunications, our bookings are quite light at the moment so


now would be a good time to jump in before we pick up again. Bookings


0425 251 939 or you could drop Pylon500 a note here.


Dave's Flying School also has access to a Lightwing taildragger, sorry I don't have a number for Dave.



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Hey Smokey, Reading your road directions to The Oaks confirms whyIlike living in Cooma .... ;).gif


"Where's the airport?"


Pointing - "Just head down that road 15 clicks and you're there".

Or just go to the east side of town near the hill and the big tower.



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Guest Fred Bear

Mate, as mentioned SRFC has some tail draggers. You can find more info on Daves Flying School at this link: http://davesflyingschool.spaces.live.com/


As Dave C mentioned you will be more than welcome wherever you go. You will p$!! that aircraft into The Oaks. It' an 800m strip. We regularly have visitors in the same type and they rotate at about 450m. darrenmasters



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