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just landed


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G'day dunlopdangler, you will find this an interesting forum. Try the RAAus for recreational flying. It is a cheaper alternative unless you need more than 2 seats, and a lot of the planes are less tired than the old 172 or 150.



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G'day Dunlopdangler....098_welcome.gif.81ff07d492568199326e4f64f78d7bc6.gif


Well it's good to see another Darling Downsy on the forum....:thumb_up:


I live at Cecil City:laugh:... don't fly anything as yet, but looking at training with Bob Keen, there in Dalby..... Possibly in Brett Hall's J120....:big_grin:





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Hi All,


Currently training in the UK for a National PPL for a SEP license, currently flying a Cessna 152 but I am going to buy a Tecnam P92 Echo with a jabiru 80hp, in the UK we have a Permit to Fly system that keeps the cost down from the full rigours of the CAA.


See you all at a fly-in on day


safe landing





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