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6 degres of blonde


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A married couple were asleep when the phone rang at 2 in the morning.


The wife (undoubtedly blonde), picked up the phone, listened a moment


and said 'How should I know, that's 200 miles from here!' and hung up.


The husband said, 'Who was that?' The wife said, 'I don't know,


some woman wanting to know if the coast is clear.'






Two blondes are walking down the street. One notices a compact on


the sidewalk and leans down to pick it up. She opens it, looks in the


mirror and says, 'Hmm, this person looks familiar.' The second blonde


says, 'Here, let me see!' So the first blonde hands her the compact.


The second one looks in the mirror and says, 'You dummy, it's me!'


`´*:-.,_,.-:*´`´*:-.,_,.-:*´`´*:-.,_,. -:*´`´*:-.,_,-:*´`´*:-.,_,.-:*´`´*




A blonde suspects her boyfriend of cheating on her,


so she goes out and buys a gun. She goes to his apartment


unexpectedly and when she opens the door she finds him


in the arms of a redhead.


Well, the blonde is really angry.


She opens her purse to take out the gun, and as she does so,


she is overcome with grief.


She takes the gun and puts it to her head.


The boyfriend yells, 'No, honey, don't do it!!!'


The blonde replies, 'Shut up, you're next!'






A blonde was bragging about her knowledge of state capitals.


She proudly says, 'Go ahead, and ask me, I know all of them.'


A friend says, 'OK, what's the capital of Wisconsin ?'


The blonde replies, 'Oh, that's easy: W.'






What did the blonde ask her doctor when he told her she was pregnant?


'Is it mine?'






Returning home from work, a blonde was shocked to find her house


ransacked and burglarized.


She telephoned the police at once and reported the crime.


The police dispatcher broadcast the call on the radio, and a K-9 unit, patrolling nearby was the first to respond.


As the K-9 officer approached the house with his dog on a leash, the blonde ran out on the porch, shuddered at the sight of the cop and his dog,


then sat down on the steps.


Putting her face in her hands, she moaned, 'I come home to find all my possessions stolen.


I call the police for help, and what do they do?


They send me a BLIND policeman.'



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