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October 2006


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OK the competition to win the next three editions of Australian Flying magazine for absolutly FREE has opened for October so start posting any of your pictures or stories in this thread - got to be in it to win it so GOOD LUCK! :).


Oh, also don't forget a Caption for your image and just say if you also have another copy of the image that is:


  • jpg format
  • at least 300 dpi (dots per inch) at a useable size (say 6" x 4" or around 16 x 10 cms)
  • and if to be considered as a cover pic - in vertical format
  • aircraft(s) identified in caption


So if you win your picture could go into Australian Flying.


Get those pictures in now and show us all what you've got!!!



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Guest Vigilant

Even little jets pull crowds - This is one of a series I took at "Jets over Coolum" on the Sunshine Coast in July this year. At around 30k a pop they sure aren't cheap and considering I saw three pay the "ultimate sacrafice" an expensive but spectacular form of aviation!!





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Guest Fred Bear



As per your PM to me I am replying to your question in order to help others that may be having the same problem. You want to keep your pictures clear whilst keeping them in the correct format for this forum. Easy done. No need to crop or adjust any of the images. This web site will do it for you. Go to:




Browse for your image and select which one you wish to upload. Select (tick) resize image for Message Boards 640x480 then click host it. It may take a minute. After it has uploaded you will be supplied with a list of urls. Select and copy the direct link to image (last one). After that, use the photo upload function on these forums and you should not have a drama. Hope this helps. Let me know if there is anything else you need.



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Just a thought but couldn't you just use windows paint - open the picture and resize it to x%, save it and check the file size isn't over 150kb - if it is just resize it again till it is and then upload it.


The whole idea of the 150kb size limit is for those that are on a slower internet connection don't have to go and make a cuppa while waiting for a page to display :)



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Unfortunately no winner for this month due to the low number of entries but they do go into the 2nd chance draw for the next month.


Please, keep this competition going by getting your images in to THE GREAT COMPETITION!!!



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