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Use of a timer with nav...

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Dose anyone use or know of these timers that could be used in


navigation, etc. The HLP T3 Timer, going for around $30. It appears to


be and Ok unit but was wondering if anyone has used one?





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i dont use one personally, but during my training on a trike, it was


fitted with one, and was quite handy... i usually wear a quality


watch when i fly, (i only wear it flying, it has backup Altimeter, and whiz wheel around the bezel)


and use the timer function on the watch, a good aviators watch is


worth it weight in gold, if not more, the watch doesnt weigh much! as a backup i use my GPS



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Thanks for the info... Re using wrist watches I use a Suunto X-Lander which has time (of-course ),


an excellant altimeter which is accurate to some 10 metres, a barometer


which allows the setting of area QNH, etc, etc and shows trends, an


electronic compass plus various memories... Like yourself I find it


makes a great backup unit and according to the company they rate more


accurate than some of our aircraft instructments.





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Thanks for info re Tandy's timer... after checking out the HLP T3 unit


it appears to be an 'OK' unit but the Tandy/DSE timer appears quite


good too and have a few more features, etc. As they are easily


available, reckon I go with one of them.





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