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Controls for the aerochute???


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G'day all,


I'm in the process of making a Radio Control aerochute....


And having not even seen a real one up close, except on websites and photos etc...it's a bit difficult to know how to do the controls etc....:confused: I believe that altitude is controlled by thrust/rev's??


So I was wondering if anyone has any close up pictures of the control set up. ie ropes, pulleys, or however it's done?? and/or an explanation on how the steering side of things work...?


Also I'm battling over the canopy design...how is it designed?, has anyone got any close up pic's of one that I can have a look at??


I'm sorry about all the questions...049_sad.gif.af5e5c0993af131d9c5bfe880fbbc2a0.gif and my vagueness to the aerochute operation...025_blush.gif.9304aaf8465a2b6ab5171f41c5565775.gif


Thanks, (in advance):thumb_up:





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I have a rc aerochute and it is available on ebay. It's called a skychute. Cheap and nasty but flies real well. If you search on ebay for it and look at the pics it should help you out. If not let me know and I will take a few pics for you.





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Thanks Bla82... sounds good, I can't seem to be able to find it on ebay though....if you maybe have a link to it that might be good...:thumb_up:





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Here is a video of one. As I said cheap but funYouTube - Sky Surfer

that is very cool...means that it is possible, and I'm not on one of my wild goose chases...006_laugh.gif.0f7b82c13a0ec29502c5fb56c616f069.gif:thumb_up:


Mine is going to be a bit bigger though, 24cc whipper snipper engine15inch push prop...that sort of size.....:big_grin:



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That is great, I think I under stand how they have done it now, the strings going to the front are the ones that you pull up and down for the steering, and the back one's are just hooked straight to the rearward point of the airframe.....


By the way, have you got any of those skychutes here in Australia...? I may even like to buy one if there a good price in Aussie dollars...


Do you know the overall weight of that little one...? I could use the comparison to work out my canopy size....that one has a 460mm canopy, and i might have to make one like 1200mm or bigger, maybe...:big_grin:


Thanks a lot for your help....It's given me hope that it should surely work now....:thumb_up:



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Aerochute Controls


Hi Thomo,


The Parachute is controlled by 4 control wires on each side attached to the Trailing Edge. See pic of my flying away with right hand down. This slows that side of the wing which causes the machine to turn right. Pulling down both toggles at the same time causes the wing to slow down and the machine to Pendulem forward - Flare.


See video's on manufacturers website www.aerochute.com.au


Hi BLA82,


been up in the Echo and Sierra today, Am hoping to take the Aerochute up early tomorrow Saturday say 6 till 7am weather permitting.





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Thanks Cosmick... Yes that makes sense now, quite simple really....:thumb_up:


All I got to do now pretty much is work out a pattern for the canopy, not real easy I've discovered...049_sad.gif.af5e5c0993af131d9c5bfe880fbbc2a0.gif


There wouldn't be any one out there who know's about parachute making, or has a bit of a drawing of a design of one of the ribs/sections, is there?? I may just have to continue playing around with material and Mum's sewing machine, and see if I can come up with something that looks right, or does the job anyway:big_grin::big_grin:


Thanks Bla82....


I can't seem to find any skychutes available in Aus just yet, but I'll keep looking....A bit of air time on one of those small ones might not be a bad idea, before I bring out the big-un...(well bigger anyway);)







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RC Powered Parachute


Hi Guys,


Saw this one up at Sunshine Coast steers by weightshift and owner uses for aerial photography. PM me if you want contact details.













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Thanks guys:thumb_up:


That one looks good Cosmick, and those Parafoils LJS, exactly what I've been looking for! So I will have to check them out........and possibly get one once I finish my flight training:big_grin:


Thanks a lot,



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