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Them yanks don't seem that bright...

Guest Cralis

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From bbc.co.uk,


The not-so-secret code names used by the US Secret Service for the president-elect and his family have been published.


Barack Obama is called Renegade, while his wife Michelle is Renaissance, and their daughters Rosebud and Radiance.




The names are chosen to be easily pronounced and understood when agents use radio communications.


Now, if it was for 'easily understood', doesn't 'Renaissance' sounds a lot like 'Radiance' over the radio??


I think George Bush's names were slightly better (for radio comms): 'They will replace Trailblazer (President George W Bush) and his wife Tempo in the White House on 20 January.'




Full story: BBC NEWS | Americas | US Elections 2008 | 'Secret' Obama code name revealed






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Guest beachbob

We Really Aren't, Are We?


We aren't all that bright are we? We re-elected W. But the "code" names are just a carry-over from earlier times anyway. All of the Secret Service communications are now encrypted. If that were not the case, the Secret Service would never release the "code" names. I'm a retired policeman and was lucky enough to get to work with the Secret Service--along with 40 or 50 other locals-- a couple of times when the then President visited my city. The local police only get the grunt jobs of course but one nice plus was that just before the President would board his airplane--it was a helicopter once--to return to Washington he would shake hands with all of the local and state police who had assisted him. Then a group photograph was taken and you would get an 8" by 10" copy by mail in a few weeks from the White House. I'm told that the tradition continues unless there are unusual circumstances that prevent it. Sorry to prattle on. When you become a "used to be" you tend to talk too much about the fun things you used to get to do!



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I had the honour of playing in the band at a reception for Vice President Dan Quail when he visited Australia quite a few years ago. We couldn't believe the security - had to unpack our instruments in the basement (and we were the military (Army)) - no cases up past the ground floor. Very impressive, and very thorough.




Beachbob if we think you're not very bright, have a look what we voted in. :yuk::yuk:





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I had the pleasure once of sitting in a roadblock for two hours when VP Cheiney visited Sydney. I did not get a colour glossy photo:confused:


Look what we voted out??? that will teach him to lockdown a city:thumb_up:



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